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    292292=== 9 Mitsuteru Nakao - [wiki:SatelliteGalaxy] === 
     294The satellite group on Galaxy discussed the usability issues including 
     295workflows, tools, internationalization and authentication, and 
     296developed the solutions for the issues. Galaxy is an interactive 
     297platform to process biological data using various tools to obtain form 
     298data sources, to analyze and to share the data. Galaxy is as a data processing hub to import from various data sources 
     299such as local files, web site urls, BioMart and UCSC Genome Browser, 
     300and to export to various applications as well. To enhance this hub 
     301scenario, we developed data import/export tools, visualization and 
     302text-mining tools which are the rest of the Galaxy tools. We developed 
     303two-way communication to import data from wormbase and export data to 
     304wormbase on gbowse.  We developed the data import tool via TogoWS to extend data sources 
     305including databases on the NCBI, EBI, KEGG, DDBJ and PDBj web service 
     306API. We developed a bookmarklet to visualize the selected database ID 
     307string (c.f. PDB ID) on the original web site. Such function can be 
     308replaced by the semantics web technology. And we developed text-mining 
     309tools against the MEDLINE abstract. Such the research line is 
     310prospective.  On the usability issues, Galaxy could not deal with non-ascii 
     311characters in the data and the messages. The characters often appear 
     312in the gene symbols and the full text articles. And Galaxy have 
     313messages in English only. End-users of such the interactive workflow 
     314platform are not only researchers but also technicians in the 
     315worldwide. Often they are awkward in English to read and/or 
     316understand. Therefore we solved the issues of multilingualization and 
     317internationalization to develop the internationalization Galaxy by 
     318using the standard GetText library and the UTF-8 character set. Galaxy 
     319can use the external authentication system such as OpenID. We 
     320developed the mod_openid based front application.  In addition, we discussed the user support materials. Although a high 
     321standard of graphical user interface on the web application is too 
     322complex to describe text, it is difficult to communicate between 
     323end-user biologists and developers without graphical materials such as 
     324screencasts. Galaxy provides a series of screencasts for the 
     325end-users. Such the use of screencast to support users is one of the 
     326best practice for web application. 
    294328=== 10 Jan Aerts/Jessica Severin - [wiki:SatelliteBigData] (and/or [wiki:SatelliteSeqAnalysis]) (in progress?) ===